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Tampa Empire offers surefire worm removal services.

We are aware of how worms work, how they invade existing and new networks, spread from one network to another and infect all devices along the way. A worm can affect the routers, the wired and wireless networks and any device that is capable of hooking onto a network. That is why worm removal is more difficult. One cannot search for a worm on a particular device if the worm is already in the network and on multiple devices. Also, since a worm doesn’t latch onto a particular file, it is not possible to check the files for a particular worm.

  • A worm is very different from a virus, malware, spyware and adware.

A virus can modify a file or make it corrupt. A malware can delete a file and cause loss of data. A spyware will secretly steal information and pass it to the intended source. An adware will plague your system with ads, pop-ups and will also potentially pass your browsing history, pattern or behavior to potential buyers. A worm is a kind of virus but it doesn’t have any of the aforementioned purposes.

  • A worm doesn’t need a file or any kind of host to get attached to. It doesn’t need a medium or a device to get transmitted.

It doesn’t change a file, corrupt it or steal information. It simply spreads. A worm is programmed to spread through a network, affecting all devices connected to the network and since the internet network is connected to every device that is hooked on, the possibility of a worm affecting the global internet network is pretty high. But that doesn’t happen easily since users do have effective protection at various levels.

  • A worm can easily jam up your bandwidth, cause your traffic to go haywire and it can even cramp up a network to an extent that it malfunctions.

It is the unique nature of a worm that makes it difficult to be traced. Thus, worm removal is not as similar as antivirus or spyware removal programs.

Use our worm removal services to protect your network and all the devices connected to it.

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