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Looking for help with your computer, network, peripherals and devices of a particular type or brand?

Look no further because our tech support can take care of it. You can use our tech support just one time or have a monthly or perennial contract. Personal and business users can assess the advantages and disadvantages of various terms of contracts and can accordingly make an informed decision.


The tech support plans of Tampa Empire typically cover the following:

  • We offer complete care and protect all your systems.

You could have operating system issues from time to time, there are several hardware and software that you use which could have issues, the operating system may have some problems vis-à-vis specific hardware or software, there are external threats that can compromise your data and security, you need data recovery services in times of crises and you also need the systems to perform optimally at all times. All these require proactive intervention and at times immediate responses. Our tech support will cover all these issues and more. Whether it is your laptop or desktop computer, work tablet or your wireless network, the printers or scanners, the media drives or the primary hard drives, you would never be alone or helpless with our tech support a call away.

  • A quintessential attribute of tech support is availability.

Any kind of technical support is of no utility or relevance if you cannot use it or get access to the experts when you need. Our tech support team will always be there, resolving your problems when you need them.

  • We at Tampa Empire have had a phenomenal success rate with troubleshooting and resolving all kinds of computer problems.

There are many tech support companies that tend to take a really long time to resolve a problem and they may not succeed in the end. That is not how our endeavors culminate. Whether we are attending to your systems online or you use our onsite computer services and tech support, you can rely on our expertise to have issues resolved in the shortest possible time.

Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. +1 727 470 1034 or you may use the form below.

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Remote Support in 3 easy steps!

1) Select your plan based on your problem:
Plan A: Fast on 10 minutes $24.95 (Read More) Click to purchase
Plan B: One Time Repair $45.99 (Read More) Click to purchase
Plan C: Complete Tune-Up $89.99 (Read More) Click to purchase
Plan D: Virus Removal & Tune-Up $189 (Read More) Click to purchase

2) Download S.O.S. Software and install.  Click here to download

3) Type your name, number and Support Key received from after software installation & click Continue to proceed:

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