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Sony is a market leader in laptops, smart-phones and has been making headway in tablets as well.

Sony peripherals or accessories are extremely popular around the world. While Sony is one of the most reputed brands in consumer electronics with a mammoth market share in televisions and audio systems as well, the products do need technical intervention from time to time. That is what we attend to with our fully dedicated Sony Support teams.

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  • At Tampa Empire, we take up the responsibility to ensure that your Sony devices work just as they should and that you continue to have your investment rewarded.

Sony devices come with a sturdy support system for software and the warranties do have limited protection for a period of time. You can easily get the software problems attended to using the integrated, preloaded programs in the devices and you can also opt for certain software troubleshooting online. But without official support, such remedies are futile. Also, you wouldn’t get any hardware support or any of the components fixed or replaced after the warranty period. That is when you would need an expert to rely on for all the hardware and some software issues..

  • We at Tampa Empire repair Sony laptops, smart-phones and tablets, including the screens, hard drives, motherboards, processors, keypads, touch-pads, speakers and more.

We offer online Sony Support that you can access anytime you have some problem with your devices, either hardware or software. We also attend to networking problems in Sony devices. Our onsite Sony Support services are ideal for businesses that need proactive and active intervention of multiple devices.

Our Sony Support services are much more affordable than other options at your discretion. You can choose onetime support services or you can opt for annual contracts. Our annual contracts will have blanket coverage and support for your Sony devices. They can secure you the peace of mind and will also enhance the life or durability of Sony products.

Your specific Sony Support needs may not be generic so it is best to have a personalized approach.

Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. +1 727 470 1034 or you may use the form below.

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