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It is frustrating to wait for the printer to start printing.

It is all the more frustrating when it doesn’t print right. Whether it is a personal printer or one at your office, you certainly don’t want to waste precious time waiting for the device to do what it is supposed to do. And you definitely don’t want it to print weirdly.

Unfortunately, printer problems are very common. Unless you are someone who knows printers in and out, you would need some professional printer support. That is where we come in. With Tampa Empire by your side, you don’t have to deal or live with the printer problems.

  • If your printer just wouldn’t print, give us a call.

You could be getting error messages or nothing may seem to happen. Your printer could be connected via an Ethernet cable or USB or perhaps it is Wi-Fi enabled. There are Bluetooth printers as well. We can help you resolve the problems in no time.

  • Does your printer run out of ink?

Even when it should have enough to print the necessary documents? Low ink or no ink warning is also very common. Give us a call.

  • Today, printers can be accessed using multiple devices.

From computers or laptops to tablets and mobiles. But at times, you may not be able to connect. We have the solution.

  • Wi-Fi printing is certainly a pleasant reality.

There is no need for long, twisted, meandering, complicated mesh of wiring. You don’t have to endure the expenses associated with setting up that cabled network. But Wi-Fi printing is not without its share of problems. Wi-Fi printing can take much longer than traditional printing. Fortunately, we have just the solution you have been looking for.e.

  • Is your printer too slow?

This is very common for old printers but even newer models can be slow depending on various factors. The exact reasons needs to be identified and the necessary steps must be taken to resolve the speed issue. You don’t want to wait for half an hour for just a stack of papers. You don’t have to.

  • Your printing costs may have skyrocketed lately.

The printing quality may be lousy, the photos may be clumsy, there may be paper jams and your multipurpose printer-scanner may have some unique issues. Get them resolved with our printer support..

Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. +1 727 470 1034 or you may use the form below.

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