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Tampa Empire offers a full-suite peripherals support.

As we have more and newer peripherals, it is necessary that you get to know everything about them and that you have some phenomenal peripherals support. There was a time when accessories or most types of peripherals were merely optional. Those who used the peripherals did so because of convenience.

Today, peripherals play an integral role, much like the monitor which is a peripheral but also quintessential to any desktop, personal computer or laptop.


  • Amid increasing demands of computing, computers have started to rely on a plethora of peripherals.

Technically, peripherals have nothing to do with the primary functioning of a computer. In that sense, computing doesn’t rely on peripherals but how we compute is certainly heavily dependent on the types of peripherals we use.

  • We can help you to install peripherals should you have problems.

We can help you with troubleshooting and we can also remedy any issues you are facing to use one or multiple peripherals at the same time. We at Tampa Empire specialize in all types of peripherals, including input and output devices as well as internal and external peripherals.

  • Peripherals make our lives easier.

From enhancing the audiovisual experience to making data or files portable, from making data transfer quicker to quickly converting virtual versions of information to real paper versions, peripherals facilitate a ton of input and output tasks.

  • The realm of peripherals has also grown. It is no longer about the simple accessories.

They don’t just require deft handling but should they go kaput, they also need deft repairing. Considering the amount of money you would spend on peripherals, it is not always practical to buy a new one.


Our expertise covers internal hard drives, video cards, optical disc drives, USB expansion cards, network interface cards or any other hardware peripheral that you would install in a computer. We also specialize in dealing with problems of keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, pen tablet, speakers, projector, printer, scanner, flash drive, webcam, microphone, media card readers and more.

Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. +1 727 470 1034 or you may use the form below.

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