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What is logo vectorization? In basic terms, a vector logo is a scalable and editable image which offers your brand and business virtually infinite options when it comes to future graphic designs or illustrations. It is different from a standard logo because there are numerous objects that are scalable within the image.

Instead of focusing on pixels, logo vectorization relies on mathematical equations to render your logo at the high possible quality. It doesn’t matter how large or how small the logo happens to be because the image isn’t resolution dependent.

It’s a wise investment because you never lose image quality, even when you may need to change the size of your logo at a future date.

At Tampa Empire, our team of graphic designers focuses on logo vectorization for every effort. Without vectorization, we would be limited in the services that we’re able to provide your brand and business. If we have design limits, then your logo has communication limits. That is a recipe for a negative first impression.


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We Use the Right Tools So You Can Tell Your Story

The logo of a brand and business is a direct reflection of who you are. It is what sets your organization apart from the rest of the competition. This is why you should never settle for a basic logo that comes from a free template. A couple of clip-art images on a background doesn’t tell the right story.

Or leave the correct first impression.

Our design team understands how important your logo is to the functionality of your brand and business. With logo vectorization, we make sure your logo designs don’t have unnatural limits placed upon them, which ultimately limits your ability to communicate with prospective customers.

It’s time to work with someone who knows how to tell your story. Let our logo design team offer your vision to the world today.

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