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We’ve been using business cards for nearly 400 years. Although designs, sizes, and shapes have changed over the years, the business card still holds one core truth: it lets people know who you are, what your trade is, and what your company does.

This is why an effective business card design is still a smart investment today.

When you choose Tampa Empire to provide you with a fresh business card design, we’ll be able to help you gain these 3 unique advantages.


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Credibility – Business cards are a way to establish trust. It’s like a modern handshake when you hand someone your card. It lets the recipient know that this is who you are and what you can do for them.
Marketing – Business cards are also a form of advertising. It’s a way to show others the message of your brand or logo in a very personal way. When a business card has been properly designed, it will cause the recipient to keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Convenience – It is often easier to hand someone a business card than to spend 30 seconds trying to explain who you are and what you do. Give someone a business card and you can discuss how you can help that person while the business card explains what you do.

With a professional business card design, you can reinforce the positive first impression that your other marketing materials or online presence provides. You can also extend the message you want to send to prospective customers while inviting them to contact you for a follow-up.

Sometimes unique sizes, shapes, or materials create a memorable business card, but even then, the design is more important. Give yourself the chance to affordably promote your business on a person-to-person level with an effective business card design from Tampa Empire today.

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