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I founded Tampa Empire for one basic purpose: to help businesses and brands maximize their potential.

Now I know there are many professionals out there who promise the same thing. There’s just one difference between them and Tampa Empire: we take the right approach.

There are no shortcuts available in the world of marketing and support solutions. It takes time and a lot of sweat equity to make things happen for your online and offline needs. This is why my focus here is on three core values above anything else.


  • Have you ever encountered a professional who has promised you the world, but then delivered nothing? That drives me nuts because it casts a shadow on everyone in this industry. Here at Tampa Empire, we’ll always tell you what we will do, what we can do, and what we are unable to provide in a transparent manner.
  • Without hard work, nothing gets done. The idea of earning a passive income from automated marketing and supports is a pipe dream. At Tampa Empire, we will always give you 100% of what we have on any given day.
  • Our marketing and support services are supported by an entire network of professionals, freelancers, and consultants who are some of the very best at what they do. You can rest assured that if there is a solution to be found for the problem you are currently facing, my team is going to find it and then implement it for you.


If you’ve been burned by false promises in the past, then give my team the honor of a second chance.


If you’re looking to achieve your maximum potential, then give my team the honor of your business.


It is a decision that you will not regret. Together we will do great things for your brand and business. Let’s get started today.

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Peter Vasquez

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